Matt Bunday: Labour Party, Parliamentary Candidate for Meon Valley in the December 12th, 2019 General Election.

Matt Bunday Parliamentary Candidate
Matt Bunday Parliamentary Candidate

Achieving results with integrity

My name is Matt Bunday and I am the Labour Party parliamentary candidate.  I know from running large scale community events within this constituency that there are some special neighbourhoods, full of great people, and all set in a stunning part of the country.  I am excited to be standing here, upholding Labour’s values and furthering its vision for a better, fairer society, where everyone can fulfil their potential.

My five pledges to you

1. I will fight to combat isolation in our communities.  

This means proper transport links, vibrant retail, and protecting key community assets.  E.g. Post Offices.

2.  Fight for additional health and social care support.

We must help people to maintain their independence and dignity. We have seen significant cuts to NHS and social care, including GP’s, over the last seven years.  I would fight hard to reverse this.

3.Work with other stakeholders to make housing more available and secure.  

I would look at increase the availability and security of renting, and to increase house building in appropriate areas. We need to help, particularly young people, to buy and secure homes, especially in communities where this is particularly hard like rural communities.

4. Action on the environment

I have a commitment to lessening our negative impact on the environment.  I will work with others to further this i.e. by working for better public transport, better access to electric, car charging, the promotion of alternative travel.

5. Promote local businesses

This means reversing the decline in highstreets and working to promote rural businesses.   Having run my own business for some years I am aware of the challenges being currently faced.


Matt’s key issues:

Affordable homes

There is a crisis of affordable housing in this country, with many young families struggling to get onto the property ladder or securing appropriate and secure rented accommodation.  This can particularly affect rural communities with high cost housing.

I would work to get more homes built in a responsible way, enhancing communities.  I am also committed to ensuring better protection for those in rented accommodation.  I believe everyone should have a decent home available to them.

Decisive action on the environment

Over a year ago a United Nations report was released which stated that we only have 12 years to limit severe climate change, and that decisive and united action is needed.  I worry not only for my future, but for future generations, and I believe it is time for more action to be taken. We must go above and beyond what has already been promised, and to take actions that are serious enough to deal with the climate emergency that we are facing.

 Protecting and improving local services .

I would proactively work with all stakeholders to try to improve local services, including our public transport network, including greener options for travel. Social isolation is a real issue, and the reductions in local services, including shops and transport have increased the isolation of many communities.

About Matt Bunday

Matt Bunday is a city councillor and university academic who ran his own event management company for six years.  He is particularly passionate about enhancing opportunities for young people, protecting the environment, investing in our communities, encouraging local businesses, and halting the decline of our high streets. Matt feels it is important to secure effective levels of health and social care to support people to live independently and wishes to stop the erosion of our health and social care system.

Contact Matt Bunday


Facebook: Mattbundaylabour

Twitter: @matt_bunday

David Picton-Jones, our candidate for Denmead

My working life was spent in education where I was a headteacher and inspector. Now retired, I am able to spend more time supporting the Labour Party in our mission to bring social justice, security and equality to our country. I have been active locally in the Meon Valley for some years and I believe we are making a positive difference to how Labour is regarded. The need for change here is great. We must bring equal opportunities in housing, health and social care and transport to the area. The environment challenges need much more action. The best way to deal with these and other issues is to vote Labour.

Paul Sony, our candidate for Wickham

Paul Sony
Paul Sony

Paul has lived in Wickham for over 7 years and works in Fareham, Paul is a member of GMB Union where he is heavily involved in equalities. He believes that people should be treated equally and not be discriminated against.Paul believes in NHS services for all and that it should be kept in public ownership. He believes it is vital that teachers are given resources to provide education the quality of education that children deserve. Private companies should not be running schools as a business. It is also vital that there are improved transport links locally so that people can get around more easily.

Howard Sherlock, our candidate for Hart Plain

Howard Sherlock
Howard Sherlock

I was born and grew up in Coventry. I moved to the South Coast in 1972 and have lived in the Havant Borough for more than 40 years. I spent over 20 years as a teacher in Leigh Park. I have also been a supporter of the Labour Party and a member since 1990. I am proud to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming local elections.We know that central government cuts to council funding has had a significantly negative impact on schools, housing, social care and much else in the borough. I believe that real change must happen which can only be achieved by electing a Labour council.

Steve Haines, our candidate for Bishops Waltham

Steve Haines
Steve Haines

Steve has lived in the Meon valley for 40 years, moving from Wickham to bishops Waltham for an expanding family. He worked for Southampton social services as a psychiatric social worker for 30years that ended when disabled by a stroke, so he has personal experience of disability as well as from his professional work as a social worker. He has four children, all of whom were educated in local schools. He was a governor and chairperson of the governors of the Bishops Waltham junior school. As a Labour party member upholding party principles of fairness and the provision of properly financed local services, if elected he would resist cuts in local services, and would work to ensure vulnerable people are not excluded because of access or financial circumstances.

Alison Ridley, our candidate in Whiteley and Shedfield

Alison Ridley
Alison Ridley

My name is Alison Ridley, I am standing in the local election for The Labour Party in the Whiteley and Shedfield ward. I have lived in Hampshire for almost 30 years, working in social care, both as a frontline worker and a manager of services supporting older people and adults with mental health problems. I live in Bishops Waltham, and also run my own small consultancy business.I believe that the strength of a community is demonstrated not only by how economically successful it is but also by how that community supports those who, for all kinds of reasons, are  less able to care for themselves, and for those who do not have a voice. Compassion, equality and inclusivity are values that can and should form the central approach of our national and local Hampshire social policy. Although we are a relatively wealthy area of the country, within the Meon Valley one of our local food banks has recently reported an increase of 60% in the demand on food basics by local families in the past year. Thankfully many of us in the Whiteley and Shedfield ward are in a position to give to food banks, but would you want to see more strategic actions taken at a Hampshire and national level to address inequality and poverty in our society and our local community? Locally there are also un-addressed issues relating to the accessibility of affordable housing and cuts to public transport to rural areas which must be prioritised. Although there are no simple solutions to these issues, if I was elected as your Labour Party councillor I would work to try to achieve change. I hope that you will vote for me.

Chris Harpum, our candidate for Central Meon Valley

Chris Harpum
Chris Harpum

My name is Chris Harpum and I am delighted to be standing in this local election for The Labour Party in the Central Meon Valley. I have lived and worked in this part of Hampshire for almost 30 years, working mostly in further education, including at senior management level , and am currently leading the Sixth Form at a local college in Portsmouth. I live in Denmead with my wife who works in the NHS. I am standing in these elections as I passionately believe the Labour Party has the policies, energy and vision to help people in their local communities, where rural poverty and problems with local services are often hidden from view, and where local people often bear the brunt of Conservative austerity. I passionately believe there is a better way and, as your local representative, I would be a proud advocate for all those I seek to represent.

Tony Berry, our candidate for Waterloo in the May 2019 council elections

Tony Berry
Tony Berry

If I am elected for the Waterloo Ward, I am determined that the Waterlooville area will get its fair share of resources. I have lived in the Waterlooville area for over 13 years and have seen a decline in the shops and in the area as a whole and this has had a big impact on the town centre. We have seen the landlords put up the price of the rents to shops which has resulted in them having to close. The landlords can then knock down the shops in order to build large flats with no parking for the flats. I would try to block these as the town centre is for the people. I would like to see a regeneration of shops come back to the Waterlooville town centre.

I would also like to see public transport change to the co-operative way so the money that is made is put back into public transport, then we can have transport calling at QA hospital and into some of the outer areas of Waterlooville where they have taken away the bus routes or reduced the service. The bus companies are being heavily subsidised by the county council and with the cut backs the bus companies take the service away because they are not making the money. As a lot of elderly pensioners have bus passes, this has a big impact on the elderly who rely on public transport to get around to hospital and doctors appointments and also to do their weekly shopping.

June Kershaw is our candidate for the Upper Meon Valley by-election on 20th September 2018.

June Kershaw, our candidate for Upper Meon Valley
June Kershaw, our candidate for Upper Meon Valley

June says:

“I have lived in Droxford for the past twenty years and spent most of my life living in Hampshire. I have two grown up daughters and three young grandchildren to be proud of.


Having worked in education for the past thirty years, and as a member of the National Union of Teachers, I have campaigned for improved conditions of service for the teaching profession as well as improving and increasing child care for pre school and after school provision.


I recently retired from working as an Executive Headteacher of a three school amalgamation and have witnessed, first hand, the systematic devastation of our education system brought about by this Conservative Government.


The so called reforms of curriculum and assessment systems have left the profession disillusioned and confused and resulted in the current recruitment crisis.


Cuts to school funding have left schools in dire circumstances where they are relying on parents to fund basic equipment such as exercise books and pencils. This is how the government invests in our children who are the future.


Increasing and continual cuts to local communities further impact on our children’s welfare, as well as having a devastating impact on other local public services.


The Conservatives have had 8 years to improve our country. They have failed abysmally.”

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